Don’t let schedule integrity errors disrupt your project.

Automatically identify integrity issues and get actionable data on the composition of your schedule with a new free tool based on our award-winning AI risk management platform.  
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Project benefits

Get an instant snapshot of your plan with actionable schedule metrics included with every report

Discover schedule integrity errors like negative floats, incorrect logic & long durations at the push of a button

Analyse as many schedules as you like, as many times as you like

Download your report to PDF to share with your team

Upload your schedule and view your results in minutes, all in your browser

Completely free to use - no credit card needed now or later. Say goodbye to fiddling around with licences

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is nPlan releasing this
tool now?

Before we can do any forecasting with our AI we have to make sure the schedules are up to scratch, so naturally we’ve become good at evaluating schedule quality. We believe that access to this technology should be open and free for every project to benefit from.

Does it cost me anything to view and share my results?

No, the schedule integrity tool is completely free-to-use and we plan to keep it that way for the foreseeable future.

Do you use AI to process my schedule?

No, this technology inspects your schedule but does not forecast on it. However, we do use AI to forecast and de-risk projects as part of our core business. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about this.

Is my data secure?

We only operate in clouds and datacenters that are certified for Government-level operations, and access to data is tightly controlled. We maintain the two highest levels of standards certification - for ISO27001 and SOC2 (Type II)

How is my data being used?

Any uploaded data will be used only for the purpose of serving results within the tool. We store this data in order to provide you with these results, and you can ask for your data to be deleted at any time by contacting us at

The only exceptions to this pertain to schedules submitted by clients that have pre-existing agreements with us - agreements which allow us to use their data to improve their risk models.

Join the biggest and most forward-thinking contractors and project owners and get your schedule into shape before you start work.

“We handed our schedule over to nPlan, at that point they’re able to really give us the step-change we were looking for, they gave us a lot of intelligence and insights around the schedule”

Dan Hutchings, Project Director at Kier Construction,
speaking at PCE 2022

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Schedule integrity is just the tip of the iceberg

nPlan is the global market leader in forecasting and de-risking large-scale construction projects with AI. The core of nPlan’s technology is a patented process that involves using ‘deep learning’ to model project outcomes on large volumes of historical construction data. 

nPlan’s use of AI and historical data effectively nullifies the impact of common biases on the planning process, and enables project teams to auto-learn the lessons contained in its dataset of over 500,000 past project schedules at the push of a button.

Our customers use our unified AI platform to evaluate tenders, win more profitable work, deliver projects on time and budget, and de-risk their project portfolios.Ready to join the project risk revolution?

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